Patti Garcia Photography

Patti Garcia Photography

Sacramento CA


Patti picked up the camera at the age of ten. An immigrant from Colombia, South America, she felt lost in the English world, the camera was her door to acceptance, her voice to be heard. Since then she has not put it down.

Patti has been shooting and teaching photography and film for the past twenty-five years. As an artist she has experienced many new ideals in photography as well as video production. Trying to get accepted as an artist is a challenge that she faces every day while remaining true to her soul.

Teaching has given her a new outlook into the new digital age as changes are apparent through the eyes of her students. Photography has been her media of choice until recently when Patti discovered the beauty of filmmaking. Patti has directed and produced a variety of creative videos in attempts to tell another style of story. Student work can be seen at:


Patti Garcia received her BA in Film and Cinema from San Francisco State University and her MFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University, now teaching her passion she hope to help others find their voice.



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